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Tampa Slug Meeting

Finally got to a slug meeting after many months away. It was great to see everyone and we had an interesting presentation on iSCSI from some Red Hat guys.

I also found out about the GMail account password hack. It seems that people were minimally affected but it makes me thankful for using 2-factor authentication and a password manager.

IPv6 Presentation

What is IP?



Why convert?
IPv4 Exhaustion


Existing Hardware


Who has it?
Other Major Tech Companies

Verizon Wireless

How can I get it?

Your router if its new enough will probably support it

Reference Stronglifts 5×5 for Dumbbells

I’m trying the StrongLifts 5×5 program but unfortunately I do not own a bar and plates. I do however have dumbbells. These are the reference videos I found on youtube for doing the recommended lifts the dumbbell method.

Workout A
dumbell squat
dumbbell bench press
dumbbell row
Workout B
dumbell squat
overhead press
dumbbell deadlift

This approach is discouraged by the creator of StrongLifts, however I’m not planning on lifting too much with this approach. If I can reach 50% of my body weight using this I will be happy (and in much better shape).

This is my tracking sheet that I created to track all my lifts: Lifting Workout

My fitness pal also has an excellent write up of this workout:×5-summary


Getting Involved in the Open Source Community

These are my notes for my presentation at the April 9th, 2013 Suncoast Linux Users Group Meeting.

What is the Open Source Community?

The open source community are the people who use, develop, fix and lead open source projects. People is the important part of this description because they are why people stay involved in a project. Without people there would just be static unchanging code.


My Experience

  • Gentoo Linux Installer project for a summer
  • Random Bug Fixes
  • Random Github projects
  • Lots of code for work
  • Recent Adventure into Libreoffice


Finding a project

Locating a project is all about what your interests are. In general though unless you are getting paid to work on the project, I would start with an open source product that you actively use. Otherwise your level of interest may fade quickly after the initial sprint of development you do. (I am extremely guilty of doing just that).


What Size of Project are you Comfortable With?

Finding a project is similar to choosing a college or university. Different sized projects will feel similar to those environments.

  • Large Established Project?
    • Will have dedicated people to help you get started. Extensive documentation will exist and will probably be up to date.
    • It will not be possible for all the members of the project to know each other. As a result more formalized processes will grow up to organize the members.
  • Extremely Small Project?
    • Typically will live on Github or another code hosting site.
    • There will be an extremely small number of active developers, often one or two.
    • Tends to be accepting of any help or interest in the project.


How do you want to get involved?

  • Do you code? (Possibly Hardest)
  • Are you able to check for bugs?
    • Check the bug trackers and reproduce bugs
  • Can you write documentation?
    • Editing documentation is easy if you have a good command of English
  • Can you help people who have questions? (Easiest to Start)
    • Hangout in the IRC channels or forums
    • Join the SLUG one while you are at it.

I’m going to assume for the rest of this talk that you have some interest in coding.

Libreoffice Process

  • Walk-through of getting started.

Android 4.2 on HTC One X

AT&T finally pushed out the Jelly Bean update for the HTC One X phone. I have to say, it is night and day better than 4.1 and well worth the wait. Overall the phone just feels faster, IPV6 works and they made the keyboard easier to use. The only downside I have seen is additional crapware that AT&T put into the phone. One the plus side their browser bar can actually be disabled!

Netcat for those without NetCat

Here is a perl one liner I found here:

This starts up a socket server that allows for easy firewall testing if you don’t have netcat installed.

perl -MIO::Socket::INET -e ‘$s=IO::Socket::INET->new(LocalPort=>5000,
Listen=>5) or die “socket: $!”;
$in->print(“Hin”);print while <$in>;undef $in

Simple Pdf Merging

I just finished a PDF Merger Application for those who don’t have access to a command line. Check out the link on the right. Let me know if you want features!

Removing Wine Bottle Labels

Since our wedding is at a winery, it makes perfect sense to use wine bottles as part of our centerpieces. However we wanted to use custom labels instead of the winery’s so we had to remove their labels. I looked around the Internet for suggestions on how to do this and found this Youtube video: In it they suggested soaking the label off with oxy clean and water in a bath. I tried it and it was an absolute disaster. Yes sometimes it would remove the label cleanly, but more often the label would disintegrate while leaving the glue on. Also oxy clean is a nasty skin irritant so your hands will burn like crazy. With a little more search I found the following technique to be faster, cleaner and less painful.

Required Supplies

  • Goo Gone Spray Gel - Other adhesive removers may work, this was just the cheapest. Also the spray bottle made life so much easier. One bottle can do about 50 wine bottles
  • Large Kitchen Sink


  1. Spraying the bottle.
    Spray the label with a generous coating of Goo Gone.
  2. Let the bottles sit.
    I tend to do 8 at a time. Let the bottles sit for 30min while the Goo Gone works.
  3. The bottle is ready
    You know the bottle is ready when you can see a discolored line around the back of the label. Also you can easily peel up an edge of the label in one whole piece.
  4. Run Water and Peel
    Now the bottle is ready, run a gentle stream of water over it, grab a corner and start peeling. The label should come off in one continuous piece.
  5. Label Off
    Once you are done peeling you should have the complete label off. Use a soapy sponge to clean the bottle and you are done!